What People are Saying about BOI:

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Business Owners Institute has added a tremendous amount of value in approaches to growing and managing my business. The cost has been an excellent investment - an investment not only in developing my business, but in developing myself, making sure that I stay true to my life goals.

- Roberta K., Investment Advisor

I work with Business Owners Institute because I sense they do want their clients to be successful. And I believe they do have a method that does work for businesses for bringing in more business, and for making their operations more organized and structured. These are things that are difficult to figure out all on your own, especially while you're trying to get the work done, too!

- Joyce D., Marketing Master

I decided to join Business Owners Institute because I wanted to know what I didn't know about being a business owner, and it turned out to be much more than I thought.  I am intentional about getting in front of my target market and to make an informed decision about a networking group based on my target market criteria and the actions/interactions within the group.                         


BOI has made a difference in my business because I am now looking at my business through a different mindset. They held me accountable for stepping outside my comfort zone in order to try different strategies to improve my business and to find the strategies that work for me. They taught me that being a business owner is a process of continual learning, of being able to change when necessary and "color outside the box" if that is what is needed.                

- Linda H., Virtual Assistant

Bottom line – Business Owners Institute gets me results.  They have a no-nonsense approach to increasing sales and the strategies are easy to implement and understand.  BOI has a broad, holistic approach to small business improvement – not just a narrow focus – this makes them more of a one-stop-shop for business improvements.  I like their focus on small business owners only – not just broad clichés designed for business owners, employees, corporate sales, etc… 

- Chris F., Google Extradanaire

BOI has made a huge difference because I feel as though I have partners in growing my business, rather than feeling like I am on an island.

- Roberta K., Investment Advisor

I chose to do business with Business Owners Institute because I feel their passion about my success. I know that they truly want the best for me and my business and that they will do whatever it takes to get me where I want to be. I think that BOI has really good ideas about how to grow a business and I believe that they have seen consistent results again and again in a variety of businesses. I have learned over the years that if others can do it, I certainly can and I will!

One thing that surprised me the most about taking the class and attending the lunches is how much more I value my life beyond the business. I remember seeing something on the Business Owners Institute website about helping me to make enough money so that I can live my lifetime goal. All I could think was that I just wanted enough money to pay my bills and that other stuff really doesn't matter right now. I now realize that is truly what it is all about. I am more motivated than ever to be successful so that I can live that lifetime goal but more importantly I have found small ways to start living that lifetime goal NOW!  THANK YOU!

- Christy S., Operations, Landscaping

The NEW BOI Boot Camp 


I just wanted to thank you for the recent Boot Camp class I just attended.  This morning I was looking at the pin you gave us saying "Leading The Way" and realized what a responsibility each of us have as leaders of our companies.  We are providing a living for ourselves, our families and our co-workers.  I feel this Boot Camp was exactly what I needed to get me back on track, to motivate me and to get me to focus on moving the company forward.  This recession has been tough and I had not allowed myself to dream or stretch my mind beyond just getting through each day and paying the bills for several years.  This class allowed me to do that.  Thank you!

- Lorrie G., President, HVAC Company

Fast Track, On Track, Success Track

“I have had the pleasure of working with Jim to improve my financial services business for the last 8 months. His advice and counsel has played an integral role in tripling my income, and transitioning my duties from one of a technician to one of a business owner. Most importantly, he has helped me integrate my spiritual values with a desire to help others reconnect with their passion in life. I highly recommend Jim for those that are seeking the way to a joyful life.”

- Scott L., Insurance

“Jim has provided excellent guidance to me. He has in-depth knowledge of what it takes to be successful, and challenges you to identify parts of your organization that need the most work. In addition, Jim and his wife Kathy will work directly with you to develop solutions that ultimately, lead to revenue growth and to a sustainable model for success. I highly recommend Jim’s Business Owners Institute program to all business owners, whether they are new or experienced.”

- Howard D., Web Developer/On line Marketer

“Absolutely the best decision you could make for your business. Jim’s program helps your business in so many ways: marketing, staffing, or increasing profitability. I realized I needed to get out of my situation and into a more positive place. He is always there to provide moral support.

- Maureen K., Contractor

I was chasing my tail, spinning around not knowing where I was going with the business. Do I want to sell it or grow it??? I didn’t know what the next step was. I thought that I had to sell the business because it was so stressful. It was not the life I wanted. Jim Roman helped me figure out what my vision was and helped me with the structure of the business. Now business ownership is more enjoyable. Now I am not the one person doing everything.

- Bonnie C., Commercial Insurance

“I’m in the process of transforming my business, almost from scratch, and needed to see progress, quickly. I knew where I wanted to be … but not quite sure how to get there. Jim Roman has not only delivered far beyond my expectations, but has opened doors for me that I never knew existed. His tried and true process really works! I dreaded having to “sell”. Jim showed me ways to invite clients to buy from me, in a way that I am comfortable with. The process allows me to uphold my own values of integrity, spirituality and value, and to offer my services in very effective ways. I highly recommend Jim and BOI to anyone who wants to take their business to the highest levels!” 

- Kathy H., Business Coach

“I had been trying to get my business running the way I knew it should for six years. It wasn’t working. One year later, it is! Thanks to Jim Roman, I was able to take an objective look at my business, identify road blocks to success, implement a system, and subsequently turn things around at the most fundamental level. Now there is direction, focus, and constant accountability, because I know he will be calling to see if things are moving ahead as planned.”

- Cabell J., Personal Trainer for Top Performers

“Jim Roman has the ability to bring a new and unique perspective to the majority of the challenges that I have consulted with him on. It is evident that he truly cares about me and my company, based on the fact that he offers more than short term “quick fix” solutions. His coaching has really helped me be more accountable to myself in my professional and personal goals.”

- Bruce T., President, Mechanical Contracting